October 2018 RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Retreat |Nicaragua|


RYT 200 yoga teacher certification training retreat with surf and community service. ___________________________________________________________

RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Retreat
October 3-27th, 2018


Reach your goals and follow through with your dreams.

Move your body. Feel strong, balanced, graceful and skilled.

Meditate daily and practice being mindful.

Gain a sense of being calm yet energized, grounded yet expansive and looking forward to the possibilities before you.

Our curriculum is supportive and structured to prepare each person to share yoga with confidence.


Contact Kimberly at RadiantLifeYogaSchool@gmail.com to express your interest in the RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training or the Yoga & Surf Immersion retreat.


Download Link: program application

Follow this link to the Coco Loco Resort site to book your retreat accommodations:



Coco Loco is a surf side eco-lodge located on the northern Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The retreat area is surrounded by a pastoral landscape and is bordered by an uncrowded coastline. Through their eco-tourism efforts and their non-profit community development initiative, Waves of Hope, they support and empower local families with work and educational opportunities.


RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training dates: October 3rd – 27th, 2018

The yoga certification retreat includes:

Transportation to and from the MGA airport

24 nights at El Coco Loco Resort
All meals and non-alcoholic drinks
Bean to bar chocolate making workshop
A group surf lesson


24 nights at El Coco Loco

All meals and non-alcoholic drinks

Chocolate Workshop

Group Surf Lesson



Beach House (AC rooms)

Yoga Rancho


El Coco Loco Resort Accommodation Options (24 Nights)

Occupancy                   Cabana      Beach House A/C Room

Early Bird Single            $3749          $4159

Early Bird Double           $3499          $3899

Early Bird Triple             $3349          $3599

Follow this link to the Coco Loco Resort site to book your retreat accommodations

For Early Bird pricing 25% deposit due at time of booking, full payment is due by May 31, 2018

Regular Single               $3999          $4399

Regular Double              $3649          $4099

Regular Triple                $3599          $3849

For normal pricing 25% deposit due at time of booking, 2nd payment of 25% due June 15th, 3rd payment of 25% due Aug 1st, final payment due Sep 15th


All prices are in USD

Cancellations made up to 75 days prior to the start date of the training shall receive a full refund.

Deposits shall not be refunded for any cancellations made within 75 days of the training start date.


In addition to the teacher training program, we are pleased to be able to offer a week long retreat experience that includes daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Everyone is welcome to attend the yoga & surf immersion retreat so, bring your friends. Follow this link for more details.

Yoga and Surf Immersion Retreat Dates
session 1 October 6th-12th
session 2 October 13th – 19th
Session 3 October 20th – 26th

Yoga and Surf Retreat Accommodation Options (7 Nights)

Triple Cabana – $618
Double Cabana – $660
Single Cabana – $830
Triple A/C – $718
Double A/C – $760
Single A/C – $930
Deposit details coming soon.

The Retreat Includes

Transportation to and from the MGA airport
7 nights accommodation at El Coco Loco Resort
All meals and non-alcoholic drinks
Daily yoga and meditation sessions
Booking more than one week is an option.

Guests attending the yoga & surf immersion retreats are invited to participate in the morning and afternoon yoga practices as well as the meditation sessions. Yoga Teachers are welcome to attend any of the yoga teacher training clinic sessions for continuing education purposes.


Kids’ Club

english class 600x300

English Lessons

School Construction and Rehabilitation

School Rehabilitation

Seaturtle Project

Sea Turtle Project


Approximate Daily Schedule
6:00-8:00       first breakfast available
7:00 – 8:00     yoga lifestyle (quiet morning contemplation and nature immersion…i.e time for a swim, surf session or quiet beach walk)
8:00-9:45       morning yoga practice
10:00-11:00    second breakfast
11:00 – 11:30  guided meditation
11:30- 1:30    yoga teacher training clinic
1:30 – 2:30     lunch
2:30 – 4:00     yoga teacher training clinic
4:00-5:15       afternoon yoga practice
There are 21 RYT 200 teacher training program days with 8.5 yoga school hours each day. There will be some slight variations the schedule so that there is time for the seva hours, a group surf lesson, excursions and time for rest.
Guests attending the yoga & surf immersion retreats are invited to participate in the morning and afternoon yoga  practices as well as the meditation sessions.
Yoga Teachers are welcome to attend any of the yoga teacher training clinic sessions for continuing education purposes.

We do our best to coordinate class times with the kitchen staff so that everyone is well fed and energized. Some days meal times may vary slightly. Everyone does their best to keep a consistent schedule.


yoga teacher training june 2016 central america, nicaraguaWaves of Hope and “Seva” or selfless service hours

We are so happy to be partnered up with El Coco Loco’s non-profit, community development initiative Waves of Hope! We will have a chance to participate in the Kid’s Club activities, English lessons, and whatever current project needs our help.

$100usd from each RYT 200 tuition payment is donated to Waves of Hope.

15 Volunteer hours are part of the yoga course curriculum and are counted under the hours designated for Philosophy.

To learn more about their programs, visit Waves-of-Hope.org



Transportation from and to the MGA airport is included.

Schedule your flight to arrive in Managua (Augusto C. Sandino International Airport MGA)Take a shuttle van out to El Coco Loco located on the north west coast. It is a three hour drive with a ‘pit stop’ half way for the restroom.

El Coco Loco is in a quiet farming region away from the crowded ‘touristy’ spots. It is 1/12 hours away from the colonial city of Leon and about 45 minutes away from Chinandega.


yoga teacher training june 2016 central america, nicaraguaAbout El Coco Loco Resort

Are you open to a retreat experience where:

  • nature is considered and honored
  • water and electricity are conserved
  • the days are hot and the showers are cool
  • fans are used instead of ac
  • mosquito nets cover the beds
  • mulch is placed into the composting toilets after each use
  • local and seasonal food is prepared thoughtfully
  • time “un-plugged” is thoroughly enjoyed (internet dongles and inexpensive cell phones can be purchased at the airport, there is a laptop available in the restaurant area to check in with family members).


enjoy the hammock and relax

listen to the ocean while you sleep

look up at the sky during you shower

2018 yoga teacher training central america, nicaragua

beautiful and nourishing food

Meal Options

The staff at El Coco Loco are very accommodating and accustomed to meeting the needs of their guests.
They are seasoned at preparing allergen free food for guests with special needs. Vegetarian options are available at each meal.


yoga teacher training june 2016 central america, nicaragua

When your inner explorer calls there is plenty to do. Hike up Cerro Negro, the youngest volcano in Central America….and Volcano Board down!


Tour the colonial city Leon and experience the local culture.

Surf un-crowded waves. (Several breaks good for beginners or surf The Booms with the pros).

Surf Lessons with local experts.

SUP or kayak tour of the local estuary.

Horseback ride through the nearby preserve and have lunch on the mountain top.

Lovely meals at local restaurants Al Cielo and Vista La Pasta

Salsa dancing night at Vista La Pasta

Massage $30/hour. The ladies are great! Be sure to treat yourself to at least 1 massage.

Additional excursions can be planned.



What areas of Study You Can Look Forward To

Have fun learning anatomy applied to the yoga postures. Refine your own yoga postures and learn how to teach others in a safe and progressive way.

Get detailed guidance on the effective use of yoga props (blocks, blankets and straps) to make postures accessible and to invite challenge.

Learn how to modify postures and alternative postures to meet the needs of individual students.

Create unique and effective yoga class sequences that build progressively and evolve the practice so that people can recognize the benefits that they have gained.

Learn how to use a theme that addresses the mind, body and spirit and how to integrate yogic philosophy into the practice.

yoga teacher training Central America, NicaraguaOther topics that will be given focus:

Study subtle body anatomy and the chakra system. Gain insight into the connection between what you think and how you feel and why you may behave a certain way. Use guided color imagery techniques to reduce stress and bring a feeling of balance.

Design yoga classes that address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Develop observation skills so that you see more clearly what is going on with people physically and emotionally so that you can tailor your verbal adjustment instructions to meet their needs.

Learn how to demonstrate yoga postures and clearly present your teaching points.

Practice safe assists, adjustments and spotting techniques that will help people feel more stability.

Learn how to be an effective teacher on and off of the yoga mat so that you can better serve your students.

The business of yoga including: profile development, business start up and creating teaching opportunities.


 Certification Program Objectives

We provide a supportive learning environment and retreat experience in which each student is given personal guidance so that they can expand their yoga practice and develop teaching skills that they can utilized as a teacher in any yoga class style, level or venue.

Lessons are designed to be encouraging and uplifting so that each student can make connections, gain insights into their own experience of the yoga practice and develop a true wisdom that they can later share with their own students.

From the daily practice of mediation and contemplation exercises you will gain a broader and more enlightened view of your life. Each day is designed to help you to deepen your rapport with yourself and others and to move through the diversity of life with empowered steps.


October 2018 yoga teacher training central america nicaragua

Follow this link for more details about the RYT 200 teacher training program.

Morning Yoga Practice

There will be an asana clinic each morning. We will go over several variations of Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) and then move through a variety of yoga postures, gradually warming up to more challenging postures then slowing down the pace with some yin style (longer held) sitting postures and eventually end up in a nice, long savasana.
Most practices will focus on a category of yoga postures and will build progressively up to and down from a pinnacle/peak pose. Anatomy applied to the yoga postures and the use of blocks, belts and blankets will be included in the practices.
All postures will be presented in stages to accommodate the range of ability levels.
Please keep in mind, an advanced practice is not required and this is not a yoga competition.
Additional yoga classes are not included in the training program. If you are so inclined to practice we highly recommend a self-led practice. However, if you enjoy additional yoga classes with a teacher, private sessions are available.

Reading and Written Assignments
There will be daily reading and writing assignments. There will also be group work/assignments. ______________________________________________________________________________________
Course Materials
The course handbook is sent as a pdf. Program participants must bring either a digital or printed copy.
  • yoga mat, block, and tennis ball
  • paper and pen for daily writing assignments
  • 1 poster board (any color) It is fine if you have to fold it to get it into your luggage.
  • 1 glue stick
  • small scissors
  • 2-3 magazines
  • flip flops
  • walking shoes
  • pants
  • sunblock
  • bug block
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • first aid ointment (El Coco Loco has standard first aid supplies)
  • your favorite snack bar or treat, gluten free bread ect…. that you must have
  • an open mind and a desire to learn
  • a tip for the staff at the end of the month (this is optional and greatly appreciated)


ya member logos copy

Check out Kimberly’s member profile here.

Kimberly Waugh, E-RYT 500
Director & Lead Trainer, Radiant Life Yoga School
A passion for: asana practice, anatomy both physical and metaphysical, ancient mythology, physics, and trying new approaches.
Kimberly teaches in a progressive format where yoga postures are built step by step and grow in complexity towards a challenging or pinnacle posture (asana). She has an inclusive attitude and integrates the use of blocks, belts, straps and blankets to make the postures accessible and to invite challenge.
Classes are structured with creative sequences using layered alignment instructions that sync students with the naturally rhythm of their own breath. Kimberly enjoys blending yoga philosophies with everyday life experiences and weaves the philosophy throughout the class.
google-plus linkedin iconFollow along for yoga practice and class inspiration. IG @RadiantLifeYogaSchool
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Potential Guest Teachers

nikkiNikki Belcher RYT200

An eternal student, Nikki’s practices and teachings are constantly changing and evolving. From the impact of the lunar cycle to finding a sense of power, Nikki thoughtfully weaves in themes and intentions into her classes. Her classes are carefully designed to use the anatomical keys of the physical body to unlock the emotional patterns and blocks stored subconsciously. Nikki believes the way one defines their truth is a personal journey. A true nurturer, she brings her students on a complete personal yet collective journey through slow and mindful sequences. She is continually inspired by each connection and experience life has to offer, trusting there is a lesson within all.
From traveling solo, to surfing, to practicing yoga, Nikki supports people in their ability to see their full potential. She also lives and works closely with the local community and non-profit organization, Waves of Hope. Working to improve the quality of life through education, infrastructure and health care, she sees first hand the gratifying impact selfless work has on the local community as well as the travelers.


IMG_1344Christine Oncango, RYT 200
Christine is completely fabulous. Her classes are ‘creativity in motion’. She combines interesting sequences and thoughtful movements with precise instructions and simple…. yet effective cues that empower and inspire movement from the heart. As an advocate for ethical fashion she leads by example through her initiatives that bring fair trade clothing and home goods to market. 


Why you will ♥ the teacher training program.

Contact Kimberly at

RadiantLifeYogaSchool@gmail.com to submit your application for the RYT 200 yoga teacher training and to express your interest in the Yoga & Surf Immersion retreats.

Download Link: program application