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200 hour yoga teacher training central america surf volunteerRadiant Life Yoga School provides 200 and 300 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher training programs and continuing education retreats for yoga teachers that meet and exceed the educational standards established by Yoga Alliance. The yoga teacher training sessions are conducted by qualified Yoga Alliance yoga teacher trainers that support the diversity and integrity of the yoga tradition.


What Makes Our Program Special

ૐ Community Service Projects

We are delighted to be teamed up with Waves Of Hope, El Coco Loco’s non-profit community development program that has a strong focus on Education. The Coco Loco team, along with Waves of Hope supporters, have renovated five elementary schools, built a new high school and provide support for the local children so that they have the supplies they need to attend school.

The high school in El Manzano Uno is a huge success and student enrollment is exceeding capacity.  Artbound members visited the community in November and left a lasting positive impact. They raised well over $45,000!!  An incredibly generous donation that will go towards the implementation of a multifaceted arts program; including music, dance, visual arts and 2 new classrooms!

Each Yoga Teacher Training Program has 15 course hours dedicated to helping out with the Waves of Hope activities. These hours are approved by Yoga Alliance and are a part of the required course hours for the Yoga Philosophy, Life Style and Ethics component of the yoga teacher training program.

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ૐ English Lessons for Local Students

English lessons at the local high school have a huge impact on the children. They Love it!! And so do we!! Yoga teacher training participants assist with English lessons at the local high school twice a week. The lessons are fun and interactive and a wonderful way to be immersed in the local culture and to make a positive impact on the children and the community.

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ૐ Kid’s Club Is so Awesome!

Twice a week Waves of Hope sponsors an activity time for the local children. Arts and crafts, fun games, kickball, soccer, and yoga! Beach clean up followed by an ice cream party and a pinata grand finale all make kids club a super special time for the children and for the yoga teacher training participants.


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ૐ Adventure

So many interesting things to do and see. Hike up Teleca in the afternoon, look down into the volcano to see the lava flow, hike down by flashlight and have a simple Nica dinner at a local farm house…..eggs, beans, rice, tortilla and black coffee….all cooked with love on a handmade wood burning stove. The Teleca community is incredible! 72 families that homestead together. They grow their own food, rise their animals and live in the five inactive craters of Teleca. Amazing!!

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Cerro Negro is the only active volcano that you are allowed to volcano board down…..SO WE DO! The hike up is very manageable and the views are spectacular. You can see the other volcanoes in the Ring of Fire and feel the warmth of Cerro Negro under your feet. Volcano boarding is basically like sledding….get on the board and go! Lean back to go fast and sit up to take it slower.

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ૐ The Beach

Beautiful beach out front with nice waves for surfers. Nahaulapa Bay is a short walk down the beach and perfect for beginner surf lessons and very entertaining for experienced surfers. The beach is lovely and a favorite time of day is when the cowboys walk their cows by…..there are baby sea turtles too!


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El Coco Loco

A quiet and remote location away from ‘touristy’ places. Delicious, fresh, local food made with love, the sound of the ocean as you relax in the hammock or sleep, the smell of the earth and the ocean, the starriest night sky with an indoor/outdoor bathroom so you can see the sky as you shower, black sandy beaches (expansive and uncrowded) scattered with agate stones, volcanic rocks, whole sand dollars and endless beautiful shells, lovely people, time for quiet and interesting conversations….or just sitting around making listening to Ben play his guitar…..people that rally care about the community and their impact on the environment.

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yoga teacher training radiant life yoga school el coco loco resort yoga teacher training radiant life yoga school el coco loco resort



What Students Can Look Forward to During the Yoga Teacher Training Program

yoga teacher training radiant life yoga school el coco loco resort nicaragua

The history of yoga philosophy and its relevance in the modern lifestyle.

A strong foundation in functional anatomy applied to yoga postures.

How to instruct students through a yoga class with verbal and directional cues.

Sequencing strategies that are integrative and creative.



12195819_10153091738811447_5163568785870221914_nCreate powerful and effective yoga posture sequences that build progressively and assist in the evolution of your students’ practice. Learn how to develop unique and creative yoga classes that are designed to give students an opportunity to grow and measure their success.


12193833_10153091738626447_137849335740601824_nLearn how to use yoga props (blocks, blankets and straps) effectively to enable people to experience the yoga postures in a way that is optimal for students in the moment.

Become skilled at breaking down asanas into manageable parts to empower beginners.

Learn how to make yoga postures more challenging to serve advanced practitioners and keep everyone coming back for more great yoga classes.





12065796_10154387655630550_6928673745866022363_nDevelop theme based classes that connect people with their hearts and integrate yoga philosophies and ethics into the practice.

Learn how to inspire people to extend their yoga practice off the mat and into daily life.

From the daily practice of mediation and contemplation exercises you will gain a broader and more enlightened view of your life.

Each day is designed to help you to deepen your rapport with yourself and others and to move through the diversity of life with empowered steps.






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Check out Kimberly’s member profile here.

Kimberly Waugh, E-RYT 500

Director & Lead Trainer, Radiant Life Yoga School

Hatha Vinyasa, Anusara Inspired®

Seasond teacher with 19 years classroom experience. Personal practice in Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara®, Sivananda, Asthanga, Bikram, Yin and Restorative and Fusion yoga styles.

Adventure spirit, youthful, in awe of nature…full of wonder and curiosity. Being taught daily by my four children how to be my best self (we homeschool and are inspired by Rudolph Steiner)…lucky in love = married a real sweetheart. Grateful, hopeful, a practice of looking for the good…seeing more of the big picture with compassion.

Ready to say yes…and then willing to work diligently to make things happen. Often up late at night learning new things…lots of trial and error…..love taking sidetracks to inspiration that is unexpected. Fascinated with physics, all things to do with being human…anatomy, kinesiology, psychology, sociology, language….and good food.

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If you have any questions about the yoga teacher training program or to submit your application please contact Kimberly at RadiantLifeYogaSchool@gmail.com

Upcoming 200 hour yoga teacher training retreats.

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April-May 2017 yoga teacher training Nicaragua

Founded out of a genuine desire to empower people to express their fullest potential in the world, our program is designed for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, through their yoga practice, and who want to make a positive contribution to humanity through teaching yoga.

The curriculum, infused with positive and life-embracing virtues, connects students with their hearts and encourages their own unique expression as a yoga teacher.

The yoga teacher training retreats are designed to provide future teachers with the skills to offer yoga classes that are special events that people look forward to.