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Yoga Alignment Tutorial

The practice of yoga provides an opportunity to participate in life to the fullest and extends an invitation to cultivate more beauty by encouraging an offering of 100% to the moment.  We often turn on autopilot and go through the daily routine; ‘time to make the donuts…another day at the office… triangle pose again.’  By coasting through, going through the motions and just trying to get through the day we can miss out on the everyday beauty and joy that life has to offer. When we do our best in our yoga practice it is an opportunity to expand awareness and gain insight into ourselves. This flowering of consciousness incites transformations that encourage healthy growth.

Transform your yoga practice from a workout routine to an expression of beauty by doing your best. Engage your muscles and draw energy into the core of your body and experience steadiness and stillness. Expand and flow from a steady center and spread energy outward from your core and bring greater stability to the foundation in the legs and feet.

The rooting action that arises from the balance of these complimentary energies will bring the direct experience of lightness and lengthening from the pelvis up through the heart and arms and out through the head.  Find the place in the middle between moving inward toward the core and outward from the core and let the internal beauty of your spirit shine out making your yoga posture a radiant blossom of your heart.

Follow these steps in your yoga postures to engage your muscles and integrate energy into the core:

1. Firm the muscles evenly and completely from all sides to the bones.

2. Draw the limbs and the head towards the midline and center the body energetically along the midline.

3. Move energy from the periphery of the body and from the foundation of the pose into the focal point integrating the head of the bones into the joints.

Create expansion and extension in your yoga postures by following  these steps:

1. Flow energy down from the focal point through the foundation, creating a sense of true grounding; then move energy back up through the focal point, up through the heart and out from the head, creating space in the joints and a lengthening in the limbs.

2. Expand energetically in a circular fashion out from the focal point in all directions.

3. Move energy outward from the bones out through the skin along the shortest route.

yoga alignment tutorial

Parsvakonasana, side angle

yoga school Jacksonville

Parsvakonasana, side angle

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