How to Craft a Yogi Resume

Hi Yogis,

I have been working on different projects and have needed a few different formats for my resume and bio.This is the resume format that I have developed for use when applying for teaching opportunities offered by a corporation.

1. Get your thesaurus….and use powerful words.

2. Tell people what they are going to get….what the end result will be.

I thought for awhile about how yoga makes me feel, why I love the practice and what keeps me coming back to the mat….this is how I came up with the ‘outcomes’.

Ask yourself:

Why do I practice yoga?

What is my favorite posture and why?

This is ‘outcome’ fuel.

3. How do you teach?

What kind of class do you like to offer?

What gets you jazzed up about sharing?

What student are you trying to target? The client that likes a gentle flow or someone that want to get upside down and experiment with arm balances?

4. Consider the venue and what the clients in that setting will want and benefit from.

5. Add a header and a footer to add a nice ‘professional’ look.

6. Use a short bio and a picture.

7. Professional memberships can be an asset. Add the links so that you are easy to look up.

8. Think positive and keep your sight on your goal!

Leave your comments below and share with a friend.♥


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