Embrace Your Inner Warrior and Accomplish Your Goals

Embrace Your Inner Warrior and Accomplish Your Goals

A close friend brought to my attention that I was not embracing my inner warrior. Somehow, I had deemed certain warrior traits to be inappropriate and undesirable so I chose to omit the archetype from my personal reserve of qualities. After much contemplation, and a revisit to the story of Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, I realized that integrating certain aspects of the warrior archetype would provide me with the elements that I need to actualize my goals. Strength…Perseverance…Unwavering Determination…Fortitude…Courage…Desire for Truth and Justice….Willingness to Serve…Devotion. All qualities ready to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

**What aspects of the Warrior are you willing to accept?  In what area of your life could you put these traits into service?

Asana practice can be used to strengthen intentions and make changes in the restrictions in both body and mind so that we are free to live life fully and achieve our fullest potential. To reinforce acceptance and the desire to integrate the innner warrior into daily life try implementing  these actions into your practice.

Action: Muscle Energy
Key Aspects: hug to the midline…move energy from the periphery to the core…strengthen the muscles evenly on all sides
*Apply each aspect…then from the center expand out in all directions.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior 1)
1. Begin with a softening breath.
2. Scissor your legs towards your center as if you were drawing in the warrior qualities that you are ready to accept.
3. Gently press your outer hips in towards your center as if you were holding onto and embracing these qualities.
4. Stretch your arms up and slightly forward and breathe in fully. Let your chest and shoulders puff up and rise like a warrior preparing to meet a challenge. From your finger tips move your arm bones deep in towards your back. Lift your arms up and open your palms towards each other, broadening your back, and firmly press your hands towards each other as if you were holding a large shield between your hands.
5. With steady strength isometriclly press your legs apart (like a gymnast moving towards the splits), expand from deep in your pelvis away from your center, as if you were radiating energy out in a circle all around and  you with the courage of a warrior lunge more deeply.
6. Breathe with fullness…invite this infinite power, that is always supportive to empower you. Connect to you inner strength that is a natural part of who you are and extend…reach out more fully in all directions.

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