How to Feel More Energized Right Now

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There are two parts of the brain that play a key role in stress and serve the functions of emotions and cognitive reasoning. There is a ‘thinking brain’ and a ‘feeling brain’ which function together as a Psycho-Emotional system that links together the perspective of the mind and the physiological response of the body.

Life challenges that are stressful and emotional trigger the Stress Response in the Psycho-Emotional system. Blood pressure and the heart rate increases as adrenaline and cortisol hormones surge the system and call to action subconscious programs of either the ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response which push the mind and body into action.

As tensions rise and are prolonged, the body responds with heat, inflammation and tension; the mind responds with flares of agitation, clings to the negative and oscillates between past regrets and disappointments and fearful anxiety of future possibilities.

The Logical Brain is always trying to turn off the Stress Response and works to control or subdue the Emotional Brain. This reaction results in a fragmentation….we are literally -‘pulled apart’ or disconnected. Parts of our self are denied and discounted. This unaddressed energy flows beneath the surface of daily life and operating under a current of stress becomes the ‘norm’.

The disconnection, or disunion, between the Thinking Brain and the Emotional Brain creates a general sense of dis-ease…. ‘Things just don’t feel right’. Coping mechanisms develop in response to the damming up of unacknowledged emotions and dismissed ideas and life can be experienced from a place of ‘lack’…like something in missing or incomplete.

yoga teacher Meditation and breathing with focused attention are the most powerful tools that each person has to bring the stress response under direct control and reconnect the Psycho-Emotional system. Practicing meditation trains the ability to align with the present moment and builds an immunity to stress. When met individually, moments become manageable and thought processes can turn towards positive expressions of ability….the ‘I can do this’ or ‘I got this’ mindset.

Learning how to self-regulate the stress response is a way to reclaim personal power and to become sovereign over thoughts and emotions. The energy that is used to hold onto past wounds and regrets can be freed up and the power that is used dwelling on unknown future possibilities can be harnessed and transformed into energy to move towards a more positive lifestyle, experience more fulfillment and connect with people in life in a deeper way.

How to Feel More Energized Right Now

Check In…Tune Inteacher training yoga retreats

Pause and tune into how you are feeling…..sense your energy level. Do you feel low or high? Are you stirring/churning or deflated/dull? What is the mood of your body?

If there is some issue or situation you are challenged with…Ask yourself: “Am I holding back or am I pushing forward?” Take time to communicate with yourself and ask: “What do I need right now?”

Acknowledging what you are feeling creates a shift and a perceived gain in energy.

Woman with Fan

Woman with Fan

Filter….What is Me? / What is Not Me

We are kind of like a fan with different settings……each setting has its own rate of movement.

Our personal rate of movement varies according to the choices that we make, how we think and view our self and the world, how we live our lives and our environment.

Being aware of your own vibration will enable you to stay within our own energy and not get caught up or preoccupied in the energy of others. You will also be able to discern what situation or environment is conducive to you staying energized and feeling vibrant.

*A quick way to disconnect from someone’s energy is to mentally acknowledge the other person’s ‘vibe’ and then silently say ‘you are o.k. I accept that you as you are right now’. Just let them be.

**A big energy drain can come from trying to ‘help’, ‘fix’ or ‘control’ another person.


‘De-static’ and Recallibrate

Static energy in the mind or body is stuck or unchanging energy.

  1. Shift your energy by tuning into your desire…. How do you want to feel? Anchor onto the feeling that you do want….use words or images to help you.

‘I want to feel……’ or see yourself, in your mind’s eye, sitting or standing the way you want to feel.

*If I am standing and I want to feel stronger or more powerful, I open my stance so that my feet are about shoulder width apart…..I ‘stand my ground’.

*If I am sitting and I want to feel more connected and empowered I sit more forward in the chair and place my feet flat on the floor…and focus on the feeling of connection between my feet and the floor.

  1. Look at something in nature….if you are in an unnatural setting then bring an image into your mind….a memory of being in a natural environment that felt good to you.

I love envisioning the soft, warm feeling of golden sunlight on my face…the kind of sunlight that is conducive to relaxing.

If you are in an indoor work environment it could be a plant, a glass of water….get creative…..nature is everywhere.

yoga teacher training Claim your Sovereignty

For example:

I often say, “May all the energy that is not serving my highest good go to the place that it will serve the highest good”.

….if that is a bit too ‘out there’….or that does not resonate with you…then try saying something like…

“this is my body, this is my space and I am in charge of how I want to feel”.

Claiming sovereignty is a willful action that leads to a direct energetic integration…emotional and mental energy is called back ‘home’ to you and an energetic boundary is generated.


P.S. Energy is.  It cannot be created or extinguished. We can tap into the current that is happening all the time. Perception is key. We can feel connected or disconnected. Choice….free will is paramount.

P.S.S. We have a natural frequency that can be influenced or entrained away from our natural rate of movement.

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