Raise the Roof with Waves of Hope

Hello Friends,

Exciting news. The high school in El Manzano Uno, Nicaragua is a huge success and student enrollment is exceeding capacity!  Waves of Hope and Artbound  are helping to add two additional classrooms!

The construction has begun for 2 new classrooms.

Artbound Contributors raised over 45,000!

Artbound members raised over 45,000!

Artbound members visited the community in November and left a lasting positive impact. They raised well over $45,000!!  An incredibly generous donation that will go towards the implementation of a multifaceted arts program; including music, dance and visual arts.


Funds are still need to support this growth.

In collaboration with Waves of Hope we are pleased to offer to you this

Teacher’s Guide: How to Run a Workshop.

yoga teacher workshopIf you are you interested in hosting a workshop and you would like some structure to help channel your creative energy, then this Teacher’s Guide is for you.

To stimulate your creative flow, you will receive a detailed agenda including:

  • How to develop program content
  • Business Acumen (venue considerations and ideas for scaled pricing metrics)
  • Proposal Preparation (with an example that can be submitted to studio managers)
  • Marketing suggestions (web page design and social media), example content for a webpage ad, an example short biography
  • An Example Twist Workshop: including posture ideas, a fun variation on sun salutations, teaching points with pictures, key statements that relate to the theme, ideas for cues to guide people into the postures

This Yoga Teacher’s Guide is comprehensive and can benefit other RYS’s as a resource for an Elective Intensive in a 200 or 300 hour yoga teacher training program.

 How this collaboration works:

1. Purchase a donation gift card. Donation amounts are flexible, to meet your financial needs.
By purchasing a Waves of Hope gift card, you can help support education, health and infrastructure in northern Nicaragua, while giving your friends and family a gift that they can be proud of. As with all Waves of Hope donations, the entire purchase price goes directly to the community and the projects.
2. When you check out, add the email of who you want to send the gift card to.

Waves of Hope will send a confirmation email. Please forward this email to RadiantLifeYogaSchool@gmail.com, and you will be sent the Teacher’s Guide as a pdf to you inbox.

Waves of Hope is a Canadian Non-Profit company. All donations are made in Canadian Dollars.

Donation Gift Cards can be purchased on the Waves of Hope site here:

Follow this link to the Waves of Hope site to purchase a donation gift card. Thank you!!

Follow this link to the Waves of Hope site to purchase a donation gift card.








A special thank you to all of the yoga teachers since 2010 that have made this possible!!