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Why You Will ♥ Our Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in Nicaragua

Radiant Life Yoga School offers 200 hour yoga teacher training retreats  well as 300 hour advanced yoga studies courses and continuing education opportunities for teachers. All programs exceed the educational standards established by Yoga Alliance. The yoga teacher training sessions are conducted by qualified Yoga Alliance yoga teacher trainers that support the diversity and integrity…

October 2016 Yoga Teacher Training Nicaragua

When you teach yoga and share what you love with others you get so much more back. Join us this October. Learn how to blend ancient philosophies that inform and inspire with yoga postures that help people to feel their creative power. Learn how to develop your own teaching style so that you can share your passion with others.

Yoga Retreat Training June 2016 Nicaragua

Join us in June 2016 for our next 200 hour yoga teacher training at El Coco Loco Resort in Nicaragua. Take time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Nicaraguan coast as you delve deeper into your practice and the study of yoga. Program participants are eligible to register at the 200 RYT level with Yoga Alliance.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Florida

Radiant Life Yoga School has teamed up with Ananda Yoga Dunedin to offer a 310 hour advanced studies curriculum. Completion of a 200 hour program is a prerequisite for this course.We provide a supportive environment where people can gain insights from their personal experience of the yoga practice and nurture a true wisdom that they can share with their own students.

October 2015 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nicaragua

Through the daily practice of yoga, with a strong focus on foundational skills, and alignment techniques students will gain a broader understanding of how to practice and teach yoga in a sustainable way.

We provide a supportive learning environment in which each student is given personal guidance so that they can expand their yoga practice and develop teaching skills that they can utilized in any class style, level or venue.

Lessons are designed to be encouraging and uplifting so that each student can make connections, gain insights into their own experience of the yoga practice and develop a true wisdom that they can later share with their own students.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Yoga Teacher Training Jacksonville Fall 2011 Yoga Alignment Tutorial The practice of yoga provides an opportunity to participate in life to the fullest and extends an invitation to cultivate more beauty by encouraging an offering of 100% to the moment.  We often turn on autopilot and go through the daily routine; ‘time to make the…

Update Your Life with Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Jacksonville Fall 2011 Yoga Posture Alignment Tutorial Past experiences in yogic terminology are known as samskaras.  Samskaras belong to the realm of the unconscious mind and construct the human personality. The personality determines how the world is perceived and related to. The literal meaning of samskara is ‘uniform personality’, ‘akara’ meaning ‘form’,…

The Art of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Jacksonville Fall 2011  The Art of Yoga Ancient Vedic scholars believed that there is an underlying principle that organizes the universe called “ṛta”.  This word “ṛta” is the root of our word art.  According to this concept it is everyone’s creative expression that organizes the universe.  By being ourselves and expressing the life…

Turn on the light and find happiness.

Life brings many challenges that can cause the head to hang low from the tug of a heavy heart. The most challenging situations often lead us to retreat and move inward.  The mind can quickly cling to the negative, amplify destructive emotions and lead to a feeling of despair. Tantric traditions teach that it is…

Embrace Your Inner Warrior and Accomplish Your Goals

Embrace Your Inner Warrior and Accomplish Your Goals A close friend brought to my attention that I was not embracing my inner warrior. Somehow, I had deemed certain warrior traits to be inappropriate and undesirable so I chose to omit the archetype from my personal reserve of qualities. After much contemplation, and a revisit to…