The Art of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Jacksonville Fall 2011 

The Art of Yoga

Ancient Vedic scholars believed that there is an underlying principle that organizes the universe called “ṛta”.  This word “ṛta” is the root of our word art.  According to this concept it is everyone’s creative expression that organizes the universe.  By being ourselves and expressing the life force within in our own unique way we make beauty, and bring order to life.

Yoga postures are opportunities to actively participate in the creation and expansion of more goodness in life. Connecting with the heart as the source of power for movement behind every action transforms each pose into an artistic offering…a conduit of  beauty.

Opening to the possibility that beauty can be expressed within the practice and expand beyond the mat imparts a deeper purpose to the movements. There is a stretch beyond the physical to the realms of the heart and mind where each person’s creative expression nurtures and adds richness to life.

Feel good…see good…and be inspired to make more good by practicing Adho Mukha Svanasana (down dog) in this way:

1. Place your hands on the mat with your fingers spread like individual rays of sunlight streaming from beneath a cloud. If your feet are flat on the mat move them back a bit until your heels are off of the floor. Spread your toes as if they were expansions of radiant beams of light.

2. Breathe in and feel the expansion of energy…exhale and soften with a smile. Do this a few times.  Take time to feel your body, the floor beneath you, and the pulsation of your breath.

3.  Inhale deeply and with an exhale make an offering from your own heart by pressing down and forward with your hands and by sweeping your feet back, as if you were trying to stretch your mat and make it longer.

** If you knees are locked, then move the top of your shins (just below your knees) slightly forward to create a release and an opportunity for expansion. Your lower back (in the kidney area) will move upwards a bit creating a lengthening throughout your spine.

4. Inhale fully with the intention to touch something deep and strong inside of yourself and from that place of profound power press outward…give fully by moving who you are on the inside out into the world.

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