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 Yoga for Surfers |Yoga Posture Tutorial

The ‘Sweet Spot’ is a phrase used by surfers to describe the perfect place where they are in alignment with the wave, the board and with themselves. Being in ‘the sweet spot’ is an auspicious moment when the surfer is united with a bigger energy and is beckoned to be fully present and enjoy the ride.  For the yoga practitioner, the sweet spot is very much the same as it is for the surfer. It is the moment when the body is in optimum alignment, the mind is steady, there is a sense of connection to something deep within and the heart is open to the fullness and beauty of the moment.

The various parts and sections of the body have an energetic blueprint that is correlated with the grander scheme of Universal energy.  The front body is related to individual energy that is known and directly tangible. The back body is related to the mysterious and raw universal energy that becomes undeniable when in ‘the sweet spot’.  

Yoga for Surfers |Radiant Life Yoga School

Yoga for Surfers will give you strength, flexibility and core power!

Yoga for surfers is essential if you want to strengthen your back and lenghten your leg and shoulder muscles so that you can hang ten with ease and style!

Try these yoga for surfers exercises to open the back body and release any tightness holding you back from enjoying the ride.

Yoga for Surfers to Open the Back Body:

     1.  Step on a tennis ball (place the ball on your mat so that it won’t slip away)

       *Stand with both feet parallel then place one foot on the tennis ball .

       *Keep your knees soft.

       *Swallowing will enhance the downward flow of energy and help with grounding the feet.

       *Work each section of the foot for 1 minute to be super effective!!

a. Start with the toes…grasp the ball with your toes like a bird grasping a   branch (keep your heel down on the mat).

b. Myoga for surfersove down to the ball of the foot where the toes connect (the place where you balance when standing on tip toe)

c.  upper arch

d.  middle arch

e.  lower arch.

f.  heel

Yoga for Surfers to Lengthen the Legs:

crescent moon, yoga for surfers

Crescent Moon

 2. Standing Crescent Moon with bent arms

a. Lift your right arm up and bend your arm so that your forearm rests across your head.

b. grasp your elbow gently with your left hand

c. Inhale deeply and on the exhale bend to the left.

*Keep a soft quality to your knees.

*Hold for a few deep breaths and really breathe into your side

uttanasana, yoga for surfers

Forward Bend

 3. Forward bend (Uttanasana)

a.  Bend your knees and bend forward to place your finger tips out in front of your feet (about 1 foot away) on the ground.

b. Gently and softly lift through your lower belly (the same action as if you were tucking a shirt into the front of you pants).

c. Work towards straightening your legs while keeping your fingertips on the ground.

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Yoga for surfers enhances your skills. Yoga for surfers gives you the strength and flexibility and core pwere to ride the big waves. Yoga For Surfers Rocks! Radiant life yoga school offers yoga for surfers events throughout the greater Jacksonville area including the St. Augustine beaches area.

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