Traveling to El Coco Loco

Entering Nicaragua

You will need to fly into Managua (MGA)

You will need $10 USD for the tourism tax. This is to be paid at immigration.

A chauffer will meet you at the airport and bring you out to El Coco Loco. (Transportation to and from the airport is included in the course fee.)


American dollars (USD) can be used where ever you go. (The exchange rate is not very good at the airport.)

Internet & International Phone Calls 

El Coco Loco does not offer wireless internet to guests. This is part a cost issue and part a lifestyle choice. We personally use dongles (little internet sticks that go into your usb) and find these work well enough for emails and at times the odd skype. During past trainings, some students have decided to share the cost of a dongle. The dongle costs about $30 and another $10 or so a week depending on usage. These can be purchased at the airport from the Claro booth or we can pick one up for you as well.

International phone calls are not too expensive, at least to North America. You can use the phone at El Coco Loco at a rate of $0.25 a minute or we can pick you up a phone as well. They cost about $20 and you can then put minutes on them as needed. This is another item that may be worth sharing.

(*I bought my most recent phone at the airport for $14 and then bought 470 minutes for $20 then got a promotional bonus of $100 in additional minutes.)

Dietary Needs

A variety of different meals are served at Coco Loco and there is always plenty of food. A typical day includes continental breakfast (think homemade granola, bread, peanut butter, fresh fruit, yogurt, etc.), second breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner & dessert. There are always vegetarian options for every meal and often fresh seafood options or a grilled meat (chicken, pork, steak, etc.).

**If you have any specific dietary preferences or concerns please let us know in advance. The staff at El Coco Loco is very experienced accommodating food allergies and sensitivities.

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol is available but is not included in your training package. Drinks and cervezas will be served on a tab system, meaning you can settle up at the end of your stay. Cocktails and beers are $2.00 each. Wine is $3.00 per glass.

Drinking is not permitted during course hours or during the volunteer work hours. We do expect that drinking will be infrequent and not in excess as this could negatively impact the course flow.

Drugs are strictly prohibited and any drug use could result in dismissal from the course.


Laundry service is offered for $7 per bag. Often students prefer to hand wash their own items. All clothing is line dried.


There are a variety of activities available through Coco Loco. See this link

The excursions range in cost from $20 per person to $60 per person. We recommend you bring some extra cash for an excursion or two. There are also a few other restaurant options in the area. An average night out with a couple drinks and dinner runs about $25.


The package does include one group surf lesson which we will schedule early in the training

Additional lessons and board rentals are available. Lessons with a local instructor cost $20 per hour. Board rentals are $20 per day or $250 for the duration of the course. There are plenty of shapes and sizes available.


There are two local ladies who have been trained over the years by various massage therapists. They offer a deep relaxation massage at Coco Loco for $30/hr. They are really really good….so, plan on getting at least one massage.


An average guest tips about $40 per week. We recommend a minimum of $100 for each student after the four week course but this is discretionary and optional. Tips are split evenly amongst are 20 full-time staff.