What makes this program special?

The following is a conversation with an interested student from Switzerland.

Interested Student:

Kimberly you live in Florida but you do the courses in Nic? since how long you are doing it there? what do you like about the place?

I always question myself a lot of things about the yttc I let it out now: what are your values on doing the course? whats important for you about what we learn and practice?

What can you tell me apart whats written on the internet home page? Anything, any hint, any randomness I appreciate a lot.

I’m researching since a while now, its not easy if you don’t know the people but its a journey, an interesting one. I’m excited to do the course soon and open a new chapter in my book of life.

I have a good feeling with you, why I can’t explain (jet wink emoticon)

I thought I’d go to Indonesia, Himalaya or somewhere in that region and all of a sudden just like that i landed in Nicaragua there must be something about it (smile emoticon).

Thank you for these great questions. I appreciate being able to have this conversation with you.
I enjoy connecting with people. Each person has so much to offer. I appreciate that you are inquisitive, sensitive, and practicing discerning what is best for you.

Each training I re-evaluate what I am doing and why. Interesting, my reasons tend to shift as my perception changes and my awareness grows.

I have been going to Nicaragua for four years now. April 2015 will be the 8th training course. This program started as a vision….a dream….a goal. I wanted to help my husband bring income in to help our young family. And at the same time I wanted to bring us closer to a way of living that is in line with our life purpose.

The practice of yoga is so big and very much a part of my life. Inseparable really….the philosophies and techniques are all ways that help give me context for things that happen in my life and tools to navigate my way through the world.

I like going to El Coco Loco for a a few very specific reasons:

1. The owners are genuinely caring and magnanimous people. They also had a dream, a vision of doing what they love and living their lives in a way that creates interdependence.

2. They run a business to support their families and at the same time have created a community development program that provides jobs, medical care and education to people that live in complete poverty. For the first time there is a whole new generation of children that have the opportunity to consider that they have choices and a future with possibilities. They are empowering and inspiring people and giving them the skills necessary for a better and brighter future.

3. The Coco Loco owners really care about the success of the teacher training program. They practice yoga themselves and have respect and appreciation for the practice. They want each person to have a great experience and they help me in every way that they can.

4. I have created very sweet relationships with some of the local families there. A few ladies care for my children, as if they were their own, while I am working. The local children are wonderful and my children have established a few very good friendships. Caring for my children is the only work opportunity that these women have. So, I bring much needed income to their families. In October I was able to purchase chickens and feed as well as 400 pounds of beans and rice to help them to eat until my return in April. So, I care deeply for them and I want to help them as much as possible. They are good people.


Interested Student:

What is important to you about what we learn and practice?


I value yoga classes that help people to feel better.

Better = more peaceful, centered, relaxed, less stress, able to breathe, empowered, capable, able to meet life’s challenges, stronger, softer, balanced, able to be in the moment, more present, connected to a sense of purpose or meaning in their life, vital, artistic, creative, open, refreshed, inspired, rejuvenated, trusting in themselves, intuitive…… the list goes on.

It is most important to me that you learn to listen to your own inner teacher, to move with your breath and with awareness and respect for the interweaving of your mind, body and spirit. I want you to have the freedom to experiment and to innovate the practices of yoga and use the techniques to practice in a way that is healing, nurturing and supportive.

And then as a teacher, to teach from this direct experience with love and kindness. Each student is encouraged to practice in a sustainable way and given personal alignment instructions to modify asanas to suit their needs.

Asana practices are designed to provide a supportive atmosphere where people gain insights from their personal experience of the yoga practice and develop a true wisdom that they can share with their own students.

It is my goal to bring a more in depth and balanced understanding of the spiritual purpose and practices of yoga and their potential for relevance and application in the modern western lifestyle.

It is my hope that all teachers hold a sense of appreciation, respect and accountability for the role of the yoga teacher and to teach authentically in a way that serves the teacher, strengthens the student teacher connection and attracts more people to the practice.

I want the future yoga teachers to be able to:

Create powerful and effective yoga posture sequences that build progressively to assist in the evolution of asanas and are designed to give students an opportunity to expand and feel successful.

Teach with confidence and meet the varied needs of students in an “all levels class”.

Through a fuller understanding of the body and how to teach and strengthen healthy movement patterns I want teachers to be able to provide quality yoga classes that are safe, effective and empowering on all levels.

I promote respect and appreciation for all body types and skill levels and provide students with the teaching tools to teach asana in a way that is designed to meet the needs of their future students.

I want you to be able to provide more than a physical experience in your classes.

I teach advanced themeing techniques so that a feeling, intention, philosophy or yoga ethic and be interwoven throughout the practice so that people are uplifted and inspired to extend their yoga practice off the mat and into their daily life.

Yes, it is an adventure. You do not know me and I am not famous or well known. I am just a regular person following the quiet voice in my heart that is guiding me through life.

Indonesia and the Himalayas both sound wonderful. I want to go! I know that there are many great teachers and programs out there and I trust that you will find the right place and timing that is good for you.